People don’t really understand why I have all of this stuff and more. It’s not just because I’m a girl and it’s most definitely not because I’m insecure and feel like I NEED makeup. A lot of people probably think I’m too dependent on makeup and that I wear too much. Well listen here folks, I don’t wear makeup because I need it. In fact if i wanted to (and I’ve done it many times before) I wouldn’t wear makeup at all. I don’t primp myself up every day to impress people. I don’t take pictures of all my beauty products so I can show off. I do it all because this is my passion and I love to share my passion with others. I get up early in the morning and spend nearly or over half an hour on my makeup because it makes me really happy. This is my pride and joy. This picture isn’t of all my makeup but it’s most and I’m still working on it. Just like some people love sports and some people love music, I love everything cosmetic. So here you go. #speech #venting #makeup #beauty #cosmetic #passion #love #talent #inspire #collection #mine #most #tobecontinued

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