I was messing around but this actually came out nice lol

Timestamp: 1412003362

I may not have been able to spend my last homecoming with my date, but we still take a mean post-homecoming photo 😄💃

Timestamp: 1411913583

We woke up like dis 💁#homecoming

Timestamp: 1411855554

This is the latest he’s slept in since he got here and he’s still going. The pain is finally tolerable enough for him to sleep extensively. We’re makin’ progress 👌#thelittlethings #sleepyhead

Timestamp: 1411826897

My boyfriend got into a severe car accident and broke both his legs. Underwent surgery last night where they inserted metal rods in his bones to keep them stabilized. He will have to learn to walk again. Please keep him in your thoughts!

It happened. #iphone6

Timestamp: 1411591968

Post-powderpuff game 💀#wegucci

Timestamp: 1411522616

Finally in bed for the first time in forever.

I’ve never been so sleep deprived, thank god for makeup because it’s really taking a toll on my eyes.
Tip: pick a salmon-based (the color, not the actual fish) concealer close to your skin tone to cover dark circles. It works for me better than anything else.
And get your beauty sleep! Now I know why it’s called beauty sleep, because I look hideous being this exhausted all the time :P goodnight all!