If it weren’t for makeup I would look like a corpse right now 💀💄 #exhausted #filterlessafterschoolselfie

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Ever-gratituous selfies taken off my laptop and rotated from left to right because I look better before my webcam flips me around. 

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Playing dress-up at home results in me figuring out what I’ll be wearing each day for the rest of the week. 🙆 #fall #hoorayforcardiganweather

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The result of finally finding time to take care of my stupid face lol. Before and after of waxing my eyebrows 👀 idk why but ripping the hair off my own face is just super relaxing to me 💆

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just in case you didn’t know, Lorac is coming out with a new palette called the Lorac Mega Palette. There is a very big possibility that I will be purchasing this, I love the variety of shades & those shimmers look so beautiful.

Releases: November 2014 

Price $59

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